New Sponsors for the Swim with the Sharks Video Pitch Competition


The official launch of the Swim with the Sharks Video Pitch Competition has begun. We have several key activities surrounding the event. Two workshops, submission of videos, and a the luncheon to announce the winner. Our first workshop took place earlier this week on “How to Use Video to Market your Business” by Bill Bardell of K-Video & Web Productions, the Official Videographer of the EEC. The second workshop is on “How to Create an Effective Pitch” by Frank DeSantis, Mac Nagaswami, and Pedro Moore. This event will be on July 14 at 8:30 am at the NCC Chamber of Commerce. These two workshops not only help the business community as a whole but also the companies that are considering submitting a video for the competition. The video submission will begin on August 12th and run until September 12th. The finalists will be announced by the 19th and the winners will be announced live a the EEC Luncheon at the World Cafe Live at the Queen.

This three month event would not able to work without its supporters. We have several sponsors for the event and adding more as we speak. Currently, we have M&T Bank, Comcast Business, and K-Video & Web Productions. But we just recently added two additional supporters; the CBI Group and Wilmington University. With their support, the video pitch competition, in it’s fourth year as a competition, and first year as program, will be more successful than ever.

Silver Sponsors:

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Bronze Sponsors:

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