Why Zoom?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are working hard to keep their employees and customers safe and for many, that means running their businesses remotely. Local IT staffing experts, Brandywine Technology and speaker Aaron Udler walk through why Zoom may be the right fit for your small business. Watch the video for more pros and cons on Zoom video conferencing platform, and learn a few tips on how to keep your meetings secure.


  1. Easy to use. The platform is intuitive, which allows less technically savvy employees to learn the platform and feel confident hosting meetings on their own.
  2. Join from browser. This feature allows virtual meeting participants to join a Zoom meeting or webinar without having to download any plugins or software. When hosting meetings and webinars with a large number of attendees, this reduces users’ frustrations and lowers the barrier for entry for participants to join. The feature functions best on Google Chrome.
  3. Free and low-cost options. Zoom has multiple plan options, including a basic free version and low-cost options for your business to begin using today.


  1. Security. Zoom have received some bad press recently over security issues. The company has been responding to privacy flaws and has given some guidance to reduce risk of being Zoom “Bombed.” When setting up a meeting, here are a few extra lays of security you should think about:
    • Requiring a password
    • Autogenerating a meeting ID
    • Admitting attendees

The New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and Emerging Enterprise Center was proud to partner with Brandywine Technology and its speaker Aaron Udler to help businesses make informed decisions to quickly pivot to our new virtual reality.

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