Congrats You Found the Egg

You have found the Easter Egg!

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A Growth Wheel Workshop Series 
A Finding Your Next Customer Workshop Series
Each workshop is $25 but we are offering the 2 workshops for FREE for you as a valued customer and someone who found the prize. This offer is only valid until April 21.

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Information about the two workshop series:

  • The beauty of the Growth Wheel process, like in running your business, is that there is no set beginning, and no end. Based on the situation or opportunity, you jump right in and work towards a solution. And, nothing happens in a vacuum. Everything you do, every decision you make is connected to something else in the business. It’s all about consistency: consistency in your brand, in your message, in your execution. The key is the process you take. The Growth Wheel process is designed to help you:
                          Focus – Set an Agenda – Make Decisions – Take Action.
  • The Finding your Next Customer workshop series is a series that focuses on marketing, networking, social media, and sales topics. Each topic offers a strategic and hands-on context that allows business owners and their appropriate employees a chance to learn from business professionals, on how to work smarter, not harder, to grow the business.